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SQUID WORLD LLC is a one-stop shop for all things organic! We provide safe, healthy and naturally-grown food and make it accessible not just for the privileged, but for everyone. Our organic whole foods are packed with nutrition and taste, as nature intended them to be. We believe that a person body is a temple, which should be taken care of properly by not consuming food laced with chemicals and pesticides, leading to diseases.

Our organic produce and products are safe for your body and home. We want all our customers to stay fit, healthy, active and disease-free by consuming only the best organic food. At SQUID WORLD LLC, we are committed to providing decent livelihoods for farmers and preserving nature. We believe in the principles of health, ecology and nurture.

We procure the produce directly from the farmers and producers, so it’s not adulterated in any form. We have in stock organic, gluten-free grains, pastas, flour, herbs, and berries. We sincerely want to take back people to the times of simpler living and pure eating. We take pride in being the leading supplier of all kinds of natural foods that we personally curate for our customers’ health and wellness.

As a well-recognized organic food retailer, we buy every single item from farmers who religiously follow organic farming practices. Each and every product undergo multiple rounds of quality testing at our processing facility to make sure that the food's nutritional value, freshness, and flavor are retained. We are going above and beyond to supply the organic spectrum of food products through our online platform. To place an order, you can visit www.squidorganic.com today!

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Organic Food Services

We are a purpose-led agriculture business group that aims to give its customers healthy, chemical-free and nutrition filled meals.
To know more about us, reach out to us at 239-268-7062.

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Fresh Vegetables

We deliver flavors fresh from farm. Our vegetables are rich in nutrition, antioxidants, and micro-nutrients, and have multiple health benefits.

Fresh Fruits

Our hard-working organic farmers bring to you fresh fruits and everyday essentials which are sown naturally. They have more vitamins, minerals and enzymes compared to other products available in the market.

Healty Cattle

Not just our produce, but also our cattle go through necessary checks weekly and fed properly to ensure you receive premium quality products.

Modern Machinery

We have the best and the latest modern machinery that allows safe harvesting. Our farmers don’t use artificial fertilizers or additives in our food to keep us all safe and fit.

Our Seeds

Our organic farmers only use high-yielding, quality seeds for growing healthy, natural and nutrition-packed products. Our seeds are pest and disease-resistant.

24/7 Support

Our staff works relentlessly to exceed the set standards for organic produce. Our workforce is 24/7 available to help you make an informed decision.


Why Choose Us?

100% Organic

Our products are 100% certified organic and strictly monitored for quality to meet the set standards. They are also independently verified for our customers’ satisfaction.

High Nutritional Value

We offer nutrient-dense food. Our products are high in natural vitamins and minerals essential for body’s wellbeing. Our products are free of chemicals and pesticides.

All of our products are lab-tested to ensure they are free of harmful chemicals. We make staying healthy simple by offering hassle-free services and cost-effective products. At SQUID WORLD LLC, we enhance your eating and living experience by offering the food that makes you feel light, fresh and energetic all day long. We work with a goal to empower farmers and create sustainable livelihood for them.

Modern Farming

Our farmers use sustainable farming that ensures soil conversation and reduced air pollution. They use modern mechanical and biological methods that are harmless to both humans and nature.

Environment Friendly

Our organic farmers understand their responsibility toward environment and work accordingly. We offer organic food and provide services, keeping in mind that the environment has to be preserved at all costs.


Economic efficiency is never prioritized over preserving a product's traditional flavor during the creation of our products. We don't alter the raw materials or quicken the production procedures. We establish a custom of making genuine goods.

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